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7 Facebook Tricks and Tips that will Make You Stand Up and Dance

Here I am posting some of the very useful and funny Facebook tricks and Tips which you might not know till now! Let’s start with the first trick.

  1. How to view Private Facebook Profile Picture in Original size

    You might feel irritating when you opened someone else profile but unable to see their profile picture in the actual size. You click and click on the picture and end up being curse the world.
    facebook private profile picture - Facebook Tricks and tips
    So, in such situations you can follow these simple steps to see the actual picture:

    1. Right click on the profile picture and select “Open image in new tab” (in case of chrome)
      facebook private profile picture - step1
    2. In the new tab, edit the URL, so that the parts ending with ‘160.160’ or ‘160×160’ is deleted.
      facebook private profile picture - step2
      Note that some times, the first portion ‘c0.0.160.160’ may be absent or may have some different numeric in it, but the ‘p160x160’ remains there always.
    3. Now, just hit the new URL and see the magic!
      facebook private profile picture - step3
  2. Create Video Album using Your Facebook Photos Online

    To create beautiful Video Albums using your Facebook photos, use this online web service: http://www.pixable.com

  3. How to delete Facebook Account Permanently

    Most of the Facebook users are confused between deactivating Facebook account vs Deleting Facebook account permanently. Deactivating your account wont delete any content of you facebook account. You can re-activate the account any time. To permanently delete a Facebook account,  including every data, use the following link:
    Think twice before deleting your Facebook account, because this process is permanent and cant be reverted back at any cost!
    how to delete facebook account - Facebook Tricks and tips

  4. Facebook Tricks to see Who is Online when your are Offline

    To see who is online in your chat box while you are offline, use this Facebook app: http://apps.facebook.com/onlinenow

  5. How to see Who Unfriended or Deleted you on Facebook

    Facebook generally wont send any notification if any friend of you removed you from their friends list. You can use the following site for this purpose:
    This online application will backup your friends list and notify you whenever anyone unfriend you.

  6. How to easily download Your Facebook Videos

    To download Facebook videos, just put the video URL in the following web app:

  7. Stream Live TV on Facebook

    Using this Facebook application you can stream many international channels free of cost:

So that all about the 7 Facebook tricks and Tips. Enjoy! Keep in touch for more updates!

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